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Maytag Washing Machines

Maytag Washing Machines

Here you will be able to find information as well as suppliers for Maytag Washing Machines. The best washing machines are the ones that make your laundry day a little easier. The Maytag washing machines come in many different colors, combinations and sizes. They have standalone washers as well as washer and dryer combination units. When shopping for a new washing machine, you will need to look at the options available on each model and decide what is best for you. Maytag washing machines are priced in the ranges of $500 and $1200, depending on the model. As you can see, the Maytag Washing Machines are priced great for the consumer and the are made to last.

History of Maytag Washing Machines:

The Maytag Washing Machine Company was founded in 1893 by Frederick Maytag. In 1907, the pastime washer was born and was Maytag’s first washing machine for the home. In 1909, Frederick bought out his partners and renamed the company to The Maytag Company. The goal was to build durable and long lasting washing machines.  Also in 1909, Maytag introduced the Hired girl washer that ran off of fuel. The year of 1920 was when the company created a new type of washer. This washer no-longer had a wooden tub, but it now had a metal tub. In 1949, Maytag released the very first automatic washer. Through the years, Maytag has continued to build quality washing machines that always last. They produce front-load, top-load, stainless steel as well as stackable washer and dryers.  Maytag Washing Machines have become a brand that signifies quality.

Maytag Washing Machines Basic Features:

The features associated with the Maytag washing machines differ depending on what model you choose. The one feature that does come with all models of washing machines is the one year warranty. This warranty covers issues with the machine and not damage caused by accidents. The washers come with presets which can include a few and some that include up to 12. They can include settings for wool, hand wash and sanitary wash. They also include between 3 and 5 different temperature settings for you to choose. They have even offered a quite operation feature on the newer series models.

Maytag washing machines come with nice looks and colors that include large holding capacity. They are general water efficient, quite and tend to clean laundry very well. They tend to be an energy star appliance with good choice of cycles to choose and the price is reasonable on these washing machines. The Maytag Washing Machines are designed with the consumer in mind and it shows with the quality of these washers.

Types of Maytag Washing Machines:

Maytag washers come in different designs and include the traditional top load washer, the new front load washer and the washer / Maytag Washing Machinesdryer combination. The top load washer has been around for years and is generally the cheaper model when looking to buy a new washer. They tend to use more water, electric and harder to get your clothes out. The front load washer has been out for a few years and has been a welcome product to consumers. These types of washers use less water and electric. They are easier to retrieve the laundry as well as getting the clothes cleaner. The washer and dryer combination unit is basically used for smaller homes or where the home does not have a lot of space for the laundry appliance. It is a good washer and perfect for apartments or smaller homes. The washers offered by Maytag have a number of models available from the Bravos to the Neptune. No matter the model you choose, Maytag Washing Machines make the perfect household appliance.

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