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Centennial EcoConserve Top Load Washer With Low Water Wash

Water has always been part of our daily living. It is needed by our body internally and externally. We know the benefits it can give internally, and, how about externally? Well, there are a lot of countless ways that water can give. We use water for brushing our teeth, taking a bath, watering plants and most common and importantly are for washing our clothes. Sometimes, when we wash our clothes, we do not use the exact amount of water, instead, we use the excess amount without noticing it. We use excess amount of water especially when the clothes are really dirty and hard to clean. But, when it comes to dirty clothes and saving water, the centennial EcoConserve top load washer with low water wash washing machine is just what you are looking for. It has a 3.6 cu. ft. capacity which can provide enough space for your largest loads. And when the filling starts, you won’t anymore control the flow of water since it has an Intellifill automatic water level sensor to detect the exact amount of water for every load of clothes you put in. Now, you can save up to 70 % of water from that! Since cleaning is the best thing that a washing machine could offer, you will also enjoy the IntelliClean Impeller which is a wash plate with fins at the bottom of the wash basket moving clothes continuously through the water in a gently manner. And since we only provide the quality for your clothes, it also features a stainless steel wash basket which helps maintains a smooth surface preventing chips, scratches and odors to your clothes preserving their natural beauty the clothes should be. Other features which you can surely enjoy are: deep clean option, cycle status display, 11 automatic wash cycles, 4 selectable water temperatures, 800 rpm spin speed, MaxExtract spin option, SmoothClose, wide opening washer lid, extra rinse option, automatic temperature control, durable powdercoat-on-steel top, steel leveling legs, one-piece drain hose and a clear, see-through lid.

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