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Centennial Electric Dryer with GentleBreeze™ Drying System

Getting the job done right is not an easy task. No matter what you do, may be an office work or housekeeping, you will really need extra time and effort to finish them at the exact manner they should be. Even in washing clothes. To perfectly get clean clothes, the drying machine matters most as well.

The new Centennial Electric Dryer with GentleBreeze Drying System of Maytag offers you a “job well done” for your clothes. It has a 7.0 Cu. Ft. Supersize Capacity Plus for your heavy load of clothes accumulated by the whole family. Aside from its quality performace, you will also notice that while drying, it gives a less noise because of its Smooth Balance Suspension System. It reduces vibration and noise creating a peaceful environment suitable for an area wherein neighbor can almost know your activities at home. One more amazing feature it can uniquely offer is the DuraCushion Dryer Drum Finish which is coated with white powder providing smooth, scratch-resistant surface for less friction. Clothes will now easily glide and snagging and pilling will be avoided. The clothes you enter for laundry will surely be cleaner and scratch free when it comes out of your dryer. With the 30-Minute Wrinkle Prevent feature of this electric dryer, you will surely save enough time and money. It can prevent your clothes from getting wrinkles during drying which means less time and energy because you do not need to use a flat iron to run through your clothes to erase the wrinkles. So magical isn’t it? It also has additional features: Heavy duty Blower with 64-foot vent length; Commercial-Grade; 5-Rib Dryer Belt; Commercial-Grade, 1/3- HP motor; 360ᵒ Front and Rear Heat Seal; Reversible Slide-Swing Door and; 13 cycles/3 Temperatures.Maytag® Commercial Technology.

So easy to get, so easy to get your clothes done!

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