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Centennial Electric Dryer with IntelliDry® Moisture Sensor

Sometimes, even drying your clothes is as inconvenient as washing them. In the old setting, drying clothes using electric dryer needs to be watched the whole time to prevent clothes from shrinking. It is really time consuming because, you still need to check clothes from time to time and then feel them if they are already dry enough. That’s very inconvenient and waste of time and money.

Good thing there’s a new Centennial Electric Dryer with Intellidry Moisture Sensor from Maytag. Now, you will not anymore worry about drying your clothes because you can just leave it alone. It has a unique feature- the Intellidry Sensor, which can actually detect the moisture coming from your clothes. It knows and can tell whether the clothes are already dry or still need to be further dried up and so preventing clothes from over-drying, keeping them in a good condition. It works on its own and saves your time and energy as well! This electric dryer also consists of a Premium Dryer Drum Rollers which are mainly made up of thick rubber tread lubricated permanently with oil and graphite preventing noise and providing a much quiet drying. You will not worry about heavy laundry as well because this electric dryer can carry up to 7.0 Cu. Ft. Supersize Capacity Plus. No matter how full your load is, the moisture sensor can still detect the wet clothes and with its 90-Minute Wrinkle Prevent Option feature you can dry clothes without getting wrinkles. Clothes will also get protected from snagging or pilling because of its DuraCushion Dryer Finish which provides a smooth surface wherein clothes will just gently glide off. Now you will not only have a quality time during laundry and drying, you will also get quality output with your clothes because this electric dryer will offer you clean and dry clothes just the way it looks like from the mall where you bought it!

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