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Centennial® Energy Star® Top Load Washer

Nowadays, due to the increasing population and increasing demand of washing machines, most washers cannot anymore be dependable in terms of quality. Sometimes, the life span of a washer takes only one year or half or even worst – one month. If you are a wise buyer, you will surely choose the washing machine with the best quality that gives the best performance for your laundry. Now, a creation by Maytag Commercial Technology – the Centennial Energy Star Top Load Washer has been tested to give a 2X Life drive system for a long-lasting performance. It’s worth the investment because aside from the quality it offers, you can also surely save a lot of money. This is an American pride product assembled and engineered in the USA assuring true quality and first class commercial parts. This washer provides enough space and can carry heavy loads of laundry of 3.4 cu. ft. capacity. Not only that! This washer has porcelain on steel wash basket which can provide smooth surface for your clothes and is resistant to scratches produced by metals or any hard objects from your clothes. The stains and odors will not also stick on this wash basket, therefore preventing your washer from getting damaged and giving it a more lasting life. It features five selectable water levels which you can choose depending on the amount of load you put in. And also, it has eleven automatic wash cycles suitable for different type of clothes and stain. So, don’t think about quality, think also about the money that you can save. No more worrying about getting your washing machine to be repaired after one month or a year of usage because this EnergyStar washer can be very reliable in terms of performance. Choose the best washer for your family. Choose wisely! Save money!

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