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Know the age of your Maytag Washer

Maytag washing machines are giving you only the best and quality brands of all time. It always seeks for more improvement based on the customers’ demands and convenience. Through the years it has offered a lot of advancements in the industry receiving a lot of positive reviews from its buyers. Now, in order to become fully aware of the unit you are buying, you need to determine first the age of your Maytag washing machine. There are four easy steps to determine the age of your Maytag washing machine.

First, you need to locate the serial number on the washer which can either be found at the back of the washer behind the control panel or under the bottom right corner of the washer lid or on the back lower left of the main cabinet. Just keep looking, you will surely find it on any of those three areas.

Second, once you successfully searched the serial number, locate the last two letters of it. These last two letters are known as the “date code” representing the month and year the washer was manufactured.

Third, contact Maytag through its website or by calling 800-344-1274 in the United States or 800-688-2002 in Canada and obtain a list of Maytag date codes. Do not worry about the last two letters you are holding since Maytag uses the same letter date coding on all its appliances. And lastly, once you have obtained the list of code letters, you can now determine the year and month it was manufactured.

Each letter indicates different year or month. For example, your last two letters on your serial number is “S and G”, S represents the year while G for the month the unit was built. So, match the letters on the year or month code list, then you will get the exact age of your Maytag.

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