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Maxima® Front Load Washer with PowerWash® Cycle MHW6000XW

The health of your family depends on what environment you are in. Sometimes, even a simple sneezing is simply caused by the change of weather, the presence allergens or dust mites, and even on the clothes you wear. Our clothes can readily access different types of bacteria causing different kinds of diseases. Our clothes are used to protect our body that’s why they become the sink of these bacteria causing germs. A simple use of power detergent bars or powders or bleach cannot simply eliminate these tiny creatures. They need to be washed off together with a powerful washing machine as well to ensure a free-bacteria clothes or fabric. Now a powerful washing machine from Maytag Commercial Technology –the MHW6000XW Maxima Front Load Washer with PowerWash Cycle which comes in a pleasant white color can give you the best for your clothes and the best for your family. It offers a lot of features which is worth paying for and that you will surely enjoy.

It has a PowerWash Cycle which gives an extra cleaning action for it has a built-in water heater increasing wash temperatures for dirt that are very hard to remove such as soil or oil stains. A 16-hour Fresh Hold with Dynamic Venting technology offered by the new Maytag technology keeps your laundry clean and smelling fresh overnight for sixteen hours. This washer can also offer a dynamic Stain Clean Option which is a NSF Certified Sanitize Temperature wherein you can adjust the temperature which fits for the detergent enzymes to work with dirt and kill bacteria and allergens up to 99.9%. You can also save time and effort for you can now wash heavy loads of laundry because it features a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity front-load washer. And more features to mention such as a 3-tray dispenser drawer for detergent, bleach and fabric softener, 11 wash cycles plus six options to combine, Affresh washer cleaner to maintain washer effectiveness, extra rinse option, 1000-watt built-in water heater, estimated time remaining display, delay start option, control lockout, sensor-controlled suds detection, and a 10-year limited parts warranty on washer motor and basket.

So what are you waiting for? Serve your family well. Give them clean and bacteria-free clothes! This way, you can at least eliminate one of the causes of harmful diseases.

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