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Maytag Bravos X High-Efficiency Electric Dryer

Laundry is one of the most important chores in our daily lives. Washing our clothes properly shows who we really are in and out. Clean and fragrant clothes also speak for what brand of washing machine we use and how efficient its performance is when it comes to laundry. The 7.4 cu. ft. high-efficiency electric dryer – Maytag bravos X, is now giving the best and satisfying results on your clothes. It’s very worry-free when it comes to electric drying since its IntelliDry® sensor can dry your clothes effectively since it can automatically detect whether your clothes are already dry and preventing the chances of shrinking. And since it can detect dry clothes, you can actually save more energy. It also includes NSF Certified Sanitize cycle which can sanitize your pillows and other stuffed animals keeping them fresh, looking-new and still fluffy when dried. One more impressive thing for this Maytag brand is its smooth balance suspension system reducing vibration since it keeps loads balanced while spinning at top speed and reduces annoying noise coming from the machine. It also features a 150-minute wrinkle prevent option wherein clothes continue to tumble every 5 minutes without heat for 150 minutes after complete drying preventing wrinkles. So, no need to iron your clothes after washing and drying. Its Dura cushion dryer drum finish also helps provide smooth, scratch-resistant surface for less friction and wear on clothes, not anymore worrying for any scratching and pilling of your thousand-dollar dress! It has three heavy duty cycles: Rapid, delicate and extra delicate cycles. The rapid dry cycle provides a 30-minute or less drying for sturdy and lightweight fabrics. The delicate cycle provides low heat to gently dry for washable knit fabrics. And then lastly, the extra delicate cycle provides extra low heat for more delicate fabrics.  Here, Maytag brands can only offer you the best for the best of your clothes.

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