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Maytag Centennial Top Load Washer: Customer Reviews

This traditional washer has been over the watch list of those who wanted to buy some reliable brand and those they think are best recommended by reviewers out there.  Some gave a positive review about their experience of the product but some were disappointed after they experienced a negative result.

Before going to the reviews of customers let’s take a look of the products’ top features. The Centennial Top Load washer is a 3.4 cu ft capacity washing machine, it is an Energy Star qualified and has porcelain on steel wash basket which resists odors, stains and scratches. Capable of 11 automatic wash cycles, water sensor for a more accurate filling of water and designed and engineered in the USA so you can expect a high quality product.

All reviewers have tried and tested this product, and they have something to say about their experience.  For some customers the machine is dependable when it comes to cleaning performance, and some may argue on the low-quality it gives; the issue on not removing the stains effectively.

The capacity of the product is small and it doesn’t fit all loads at a single wash. This may dismay others but for those with fewer clothes to wash there’s no issue about it.

Customers usually chose a washer by its design, some reviewers thought it was nice and sleek but some though that Maytag Centennial is not doing well in this area because it’s bulky and eats space in the room.

Although there are negative feedbacks on the product, the majority of the review came from those who had experienced positive results.  Customers trusted the product that’s why they are recommending it to everyone who wished their washing experience will become easy and convenient. You will be the judge on these customer reviews; which do you, think is more believable?



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