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Maytag Centennial Washer Complaints

Maytag Centennial Washer Complaints

Although Maytag is known for its durability and low maintenance
features, its popularity is on the bridge of destruction because of the many
complaints coming from consumers. The company has been in the business since
1907 and they are claiming that the quality of their products does not change
over time. But, this may not seem real for many consumers who have bad
experiences with their Maytag washers especially the Centennial washer. Most of
them file a lawsuit against the company for manufacturing and selling of
defective washers. Maytag centennial washer complaints are all over the
internet decreasing the reputation of Maytag.

It is imperative for consumers to get the best deal out of their
spent money. In this time of financial crisis it is just practical to want a
Maytag Centennial Washerproduct that is worthy of buying. They get disappointed and will stay away from
that brand where they had a bad experience.  The washing machine is considered as the most
used appliances inside your home and that is why it is imperative that it is
made from durable and high quality materials and parts. Without a washing
machine, it will be very impossible to have clean clothes every time you are
going to work or even at school.

                Common Complaints on the Maytag Centennial Washer

  1. Overfilling of Maytag centennial washer- some of consumers
    complain that their centennial washer does not stop filling with water no
    matter what load size they select. This kind of problem is such a waste of
    water. The whole world is in a water crisis that is why it is imperative to
    conserve and save water. Many of the complaints revolve around the higher water
    bills because of this issue.
  2. Cold water does not flow and stock- many consumers experience
    problems when it comes to the flow of cold water. Right after checking all the
    hoses as well as the water line, they have found out that all are working, but
    he cold water still does not flow.
  3. Water temperature does not work- after checking for cold, cool and
    warm water, I still don’t work. It only runs for hot water. This kind of
    problem is debilitating, because the main purpose of the washing machine does
    not work.
  4. Leak in the rear- this kind of problem can waste a lot of water.
    Consumers complain that they have to take the back off to see where the leak is
    coming from.
  5. The cover if centennial washer rust- rusting of the main cover
    means that the washer is made from low grade materials. Mist consumer complaint
    about the rusting of the front cover after sing t for just one year.
  6. Mold and mildew problem- the inside material of this washer easily
    invites the growth of molds and mildew. This kin d if problem is not good for
    clothes, because it can affect the overall performance of the machine. Most of
    them say that centennial washer is not low in maintenance like the brand says.

Complaints from consumer can create huge impacts on the popularity
and reputation of the product. Many consumers today are looking on the internet
for reviews, problems and complaints about certain models.. It is imperative
nowadays to become a wise buyer, this is to protect your invest and money from
low class products. Most washers operate as expected and the complaints that
are seen online only represent a small fraction of the actually problems. The
Maytag centennial washer is a great choice for any family.


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