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Maytag EPICz Front Load Dryer MEDZ600T / MGDZ600T


Washing machines are invented to clean clothes magically! No need to use and bruise your hands with the detergent because the washing machines will magically do that for you. What’s more magical in washing machine is the dryer in it. Before, people use large spaces at the backyard to hang their clothes on a wire. But now, after washing clothes, you can actually transfer them immediately to a dryer and voila! You can now iron and use your clothes. But sometimes, a very common magic that brings a dryer to you which always makes you sad is that it brings shrinkage, melting, drying and stiffening of fabrics. Now this makes a total burden to you especially if you really like that dress or especially if you are into a laundry business and it accidentally happens for your customer. You wouldn’t want that to happen right? Maytag EPICz Front Load Dryer MEDZ600T (electric)/MGDZ600T (gas) is a duet washing machine that helps you get rid of these kind of problems. It offers you the IntelliDry sensor. This sensor prevents all the damage that a dryer could bring to your clothes especially when you leave it alone.

One greater thing about this new washing machine is that it offers Smooth Balance suspension for upstairs installations. When you feel like putting your laundry upstairs, you will not anymore worry, for it is designed to produce limited vibrations that no one could also notice that you’re doing laundry upstairs. So, visitors will have a happy time at the living room or at the dining area without being disturbed with the noise from your washing machine. Now, that’s multi-tasking! Now you can do laundry upstairs while entertaining family or friends at the proper place downstairs. So, what are you waiting for? Switch now to the better washing machine of all time.


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