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Maytag Maxima Washer and Dryer

The Maytag Maxima laundry pair is the newest model of
front-load laundry systems by Maytag. This model comes from the Maytag
commercial technology, so it was built to last. These machines have an increase
in capacity and come with the Power wash cycle. This cycle was designed for
those stubborn stains from everyday problems to the nasty holiday stains. The
Maytag Maxima power wash cycle provides a more thorough rinse and extra
cleaning to fight those unwanted stains.

Maytag Maxima Power Wash Cycle

How does the Power-Wash cycle work? This extra cleaning
cycle removes the ground-in dirt and loosens those pesky stains. This is done
by the internal water heater that raises the water temperature to fight the
difficult stains. The next thing that is done is a thorough rinse that flushes
away any remaining dirt and detergent, so as a consumer you can be assured of a
clean finish. There is also an option to keep your clothes wrinkle free and
that is the fresh hold option with the Dynamic Venting Technology. This
technology allows you to wait for up to 16 hours before throwing into a dryer,
so no more of the smelly clothes because you forgot to dry.

Maytag Maxima Washer Benefits:

The Maytag Maxima is also water and energy efficient. The
Maxima model MHW6000X uses 84% less energy and 82% less water. The Maytag
Maxima model MHW7000X uses 86% less energy and 82% less water. These two Maxima
models meet the tier III energy specifications.

This washing machine is 5.0 cu. ft capacity which means that
the average consumer will be able to wash less loads of clothes each week. This
will free up extra time for you to spend with friends and family instead ofMaytag Maxima Washer and Dryer
sitting around washing clothes. The Maytag Maxima has 11 wash cycles to choose
from and 6 options. These options include Allergen Removal, Clean Washer with
Affresh cycle, white cycle, NSF Certified Sanitization option, MaxExtract
extended spin, Extra rinse and Stain Clean.

Maytag Maxima Key Features:

  1. 10 Year Limited warranty on the washer motor and
  2. The largest capacity front load washer at 5.0 cu
  3. Advanced Vibration Control
  4. 4 try dispenser drawer
  5. Stainless steel wash basket that is commercial
  6. Built in water heater
  7. Control lockout
  8. Estimated time remaining display
  9. Delay start
  10. Intellitemp
    auto temperature control

How about the Maytag Maxima Dryers?

The Maxima dryers come in either
gas or electric. The electric models are MED6000X and MED7000X. The gas models
are MGD6000X and MGD7000X. All of the Maytag Maxima dryers are 7.4 cu ft
clothes capacity which include quad baffles and advanced moisture sensing.
These options when combined allow the user to dry some of the largest loads of
laundry. These dryers also include a steam cycle so no need for dry cleaning.
The Maytag Maxima dryer has 9 drying cycles, 14 custom options and 5
temperature settings. Also, the Maxima dryer has the 150 minute wrinkle prevent
option, wrinkle control cycle and sanitary cycle.

Maytag Maxima Dryer Key Features:

  1. GentleBreeze Drying System
  2. IntelliDry Sensor
  3. Smooth Balance Suspension System
  4. Heavy duty blower
  5. Quiet Series
  6. 360 degree front and rear heat seal
  7. Interior light
  8. Reversible doors
  9. Damp dry signal
  10. End-of-cycle

The Maytag Maxima series washer and dryers come in three
colors. These colors include crimson, granite and white. The prices are around
$1000 each, but the long term investment is well worth the price. As a
consumer, you will be happy with your purchase of a Maytag Maxima washer and

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