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Maytag MHWE950WW

Wash day must be a cursed day for housewives or any working people who used to wash their own clothes during weekends. Their regular washing machines sometimes do not satisfy them in cleaning their clothes the way it is used to be. So, they wash it all back again and spend a lot of water and detergent powders!  Such a waste of time and money! So, think of some alternatives. What is the best way to do with these kinds of redundant problems? The best thing to do is to simply replace that old and functionless washing machine model into an effective new maytag model – MHWE8950WW which is offering the opposite way or in other words, the best way to clean your clothes!


Sometimes it is inevitable to neglect our clothes creating a bad smell caused by bacteria and germs.  But with Maytag you will never have to worry anymore because of the Allergen removal cycle. Almost 95% of bacteria and germs are removed with this new technology.

The powerwash cycle helps clean your clothes thoroughly. Cleaning your clothes will never be a big problem anymore because of this technology. The front load washer is equipped with such high performance technology to give you an advantage in cleaning your clothes.

Another technology that highlights in this front load washer is the steam cleaning capability. It softens the hardened stains and as a result it can be cleaned easily and effectively.

Other strengths that Maytag offers are:

  • 16-hour start delay
  • Automatic water fill sensors

The only disadvantage this washer has is that it can’t adjust washing options by itself after it’s started.

Maytag MHWE950WW is not your ordinary washing machine, it cleans thoroughly and effectively. The dryer dries your clothes evenly. And the machine is just amazing that you wanted to have another Maytag brand.

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