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Maytag Oxide Front Load Washer

Washing machines were made to make every mom’s life easier, and with Maytag Oxide Front Load Washer it provides nothing but best performance. These days, new washers are emerging in the market with their own technology of cleaning your clothes.

However competition arise in the washing machine world, Maytag products outstand other washers. Many generations have passed and they still prove to the world that they are the best chosen washer in the market.

Maytag Oxide Info:

Maytag Oxide Front Load Washer, a 3.9 cu.ft. Capacity; the same performance as those, 4 cu.ft. Washers; 11 heavy duty wash cycles; with steamMaytag Oxide Front Load Washer features and allergen removal system; Energy star certified; Oxi Treat Stain-Fighting Choices; Spin speed reaches to 1,300 RPM; 4-tray Dispenser Drawer; Stainless steel wash basket; Quite series washer with 300 sound package. These features tell you the quality of the product (you may also look for more details at

Maytag Oxide Benefits:

If you’re wondering about the benefits  of a front load washer, then I’ll say that this type of a washer is pricier than the usual top load washer but in the long run this washer is cheaper than the latter because it uses less water. You can also save your electricity bill because of its heavy duty performance it can carry huge load of clothes. Unlike in top load washer which uses an agitator to clean your clothes, the front load washer is gentler; it will not ruin your clothes. Washing machines are noisy but a front load washer is quieter and produces less vibration, just like our Maytag Oxide Front Load Washer here.

You can also choose the color of your front load washer if you like to have a different look in your laundry area. Other users out there love the elegance look of the black one and others may prefer white for a more classic ambience.

Choose the right product that will give you more benefits aside from clean clothes. Invest your money with Maytag Oxide Front Load Washer and your laundry experience will be changed a lot. You will not have to worry about dirty clothes anymore because Maytag will do the cleaning for you.








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