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The Maytag Epicz MHWZ400TQ Washer

Washing clothes has always been a burden to anybody even if washing machines are already available in their houses. Sometimes when they come from work and still have to wash clothes, they tend to get more tired because of their uncooperative washing machine. Noisy and messy. Those are sometimes the problem of an imperfect washing machine. Why don’t they get a relaxing washing machine? Is there really such a thing? Yes there is now! The Maytag Epic Z MHWZ400TQ Washer is now available for people who need to have a relaxing washing moment.

This comes with 2 Wash Options, including the MaxExtract Extended Spin cycle, an 8-Hour Delay Option, 4 Temperature Settings, 8 Automatic Wash Cycles, and the QuietSeries 300 Sound Package. The sound package is highly appreciated by the users, because it does not disturb anyone.

Very convenient to use and sensitive for your needs, now you will not anymore get disturbed with the destructing noise of a washing machine and you can actually enjoy every moment talking with your partner or friends or children. No more “ha?” and “come again?”  for every conversations. Now, you can do your laundry at the wee hours. Neighbors would not also notice you that you’re actually doing laundry at night or at dawn! Perfectly made not only for you but also for the people around.

So why use the old and noisy grumpy washing machines? Switch now to a better and sensitive one. It does not only clean your clothes but you will be assured that your areas will also be clean from noise. Although it is very demanding in the detergent that you will use but it’s worth the price right? You’re  clothes will be properly spinned and washed because of its wash options and at the same time your clothes will absolutely be clean and smells good because of the detergent you use.

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