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What to look for in a Maytag Appliance?

What to look for in Maytag?

What would you look for in purchasing a laundry appliance such as new washer or dryer? This is a question many of us ask ourselves when looking to buy a new laundry appliance. We as a people tend to shop quickly or forget to compare features of different brands such as Maytag, LG or even Frigidaire. This article will provide a few items that every consumer should think about when shopping for that new laundry machine. 

Items to think about:
*    Warranty Provided
*    Cleaning abilities
*    Size / Capacity
*    Energy Efficient
*    Measurements of Unit

*    Where it is built

Maytag Comparison:

These questions help determine the best laundry machine that you will need. Let’s look at each one and how it looks when discussing the Maytag brand. One of the key items to look at is the warranty. You want to purchase a machine that has a good warranty to protect your investment for many years. Maytag offers a top notch 10 year limited warranty on their washers and dryers. The warranty covers the motor on the washer and dryer and the drum. This type of protection delivers years of reliable cleaning.


The Maytag brand also offers the best cleaning in the industry by incorporating the PowerWash system in their machines. This washing machine cycle helps remove those tough, ground-in stains. Another feature that goes in hand with the PowerWash cycle is the size/capacity of the machines. The Maytag brand builds a larger capacity machine that allows the consumer to run less loads and still deliver the cleaning they require. As well as having a larger capacity to reduce the amount of needed loads, the machines are energy efficient. This is a needed feature for any appliance these days. These all work together to help save resources when laundry day is upon you.

Finally, where is the machine built? Maytag stands behind their products and for a good reason. These machines are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. This only is a selling point for a number of people as they want to support the jobs in the U.S. and Maytag keeps those jobs here. They could move production to another country and provide a product, but Maytag prefers to keep that production done here.

As you can tell, Maytag offers a lot of features in their washers and dryers and should be a brand to look for. I for one prefer the Maytag brand and will continue to purchase their units.

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